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During this luxury cruise on Lake Nasser in southern Egypt you can imagine yourself back in the time of the black pharaohs!

Far away from civilization, sailing to all the Nubian monuments along the lake.


Highlight: the spectacular temple complex of Ramses at Abu Simbel. Only with the breathtaking beauty of Lake Nasser (about 500 km) and the remains of an ancient and rich civilization.

Moreover, you might see wild animals like crocodiles and jackals. An unforgettable experience!


We will bring your by car to the port of Aswan  to embark the cruise boat 

You will visit the Nubian temples along Lake Nasser:

  • The temple of Wadi El Seboua,

  • the temple of Dakka and

  • the Temple of Amada, Derr and Meharakka and the tomb of Penout.

  • Kasr Ibrim, which can not be visited due to its vulnerability

  • Climax of the tour, the world famous temple complex of Ramses at Abu Simbel.

On the last day there is the possibility of a 2nd visit to these temples. In Abu Simbel we disembark and bring you by car to Aswan.


After the construction of the Aswan Dam in the 1960s the Nubian temples would have disappeared beneath the waters of the reservoir. With international help from 15 countries, coordinated by UNESCO, the temples were moved to higher grounds around the lake.
During the trip you will visit all the temples around the lake.

Click for a description of all the

Nubian monuments of Lake Nasser.

Cruise on Lake Nasser 
along the Nubian monuments

Program 5 days cruise


Day 1Transfer from Aswan to the port, to embark the cruise boat. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 2: After breakfast we will visit Kalabsha.
To this location were moved the Temple of Kalabsha (the largest temple after Abu Simbel),
Kiosk Qertassi and the Temple of Beit al-Wali. The colored reliefs are very well preserved.
Kiosk Qertassi was a landmark and the high position could be seen from miles away.
In the vicinity of New Kalabsha we spend the night.

Day 3After enjoying the sunrise and breakfast, we sail towards our next destination: New Sebua. Here are three temples to see. Firstly, the temple of Dakka. This temple is dedicated to the god of wisdom Thoth. Second, the Roman Temple of Maharraqa. Finally the temple of Wadi-al-Sebua. This means "Valley of the Lions" and refers to the way to the temple, along which are arranged sphinxes on either side. Afterwards we head for New Amada, located on one of the most beautiful parts of Lake Nasser, where the Nile made originally a large curve. The temple is the oldest of the lake and the most impressive in terms of decoration. An example of architecture from the pharaonic New Kingdom. Also moved to here is the temple of Derr - Temple of Ramses II - and the tomb of Pennut, who was a senior official from the time of Ramses IV.

Day 4In the morning we sail to our last cultural landmark on the lake: Kasr Ibrim. A former fortress, that we only can only been seen from a distance and ca't be visited, in order not to disturb the fragile nature of this island.
At the end of the day we reach
Abu Simbel. In the evening we will see the sound & light show of this impressive temple complex of Ramses II and Nefertari.

Day 5After breakfast we disembark.
You have time to visit again the colossal complex Abu Simbel if you like.
In the afternoon a car will bring you back to Aswan in about 3 hours.

Abu Simbel.jpg

Price: from € 599,- p.p.

  • incl. nights in the boat (full board), guide (Egyptologist) on board, entrance fees and transfers from Aswan to the boat and on the way back from Abu Simbel to Aswan (or other way round, depending of the schedule and departure date.

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