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Experience Nubia
Office: The Hague, the Netherlands
nr. 70204063 Chamber of Commerce
tel. +201223911052 (Egypt)
tel.+31681180400 (Holland)  

Ellen Grooteman

I am Dutch and work as a program manager with the government.
I met Abdel on New Year's Day 1996 in his native village. Since then I have been coming to Aswan on a regular basis and remain fascinated by the Nubian area. I do give presentations and courses and regularly write about Nubian culture and history.

For me, Aswan is the place to put the hustle and bustle of life in Europe in perspective and to take on the peace that radiates from nature, the warmth and the population:

Bukra Inshallah! (Tomorrow; if God wants it!).

Abdel Sabour Dahab

I am a Nubian from the village of Nagh el Kuba on the West Bank of the Nile and proud of my roots. I like to bring people in contact with my Nubian culture and traditions, the relaxed African atmosphere and the hospitality. I have been guiding tourists from all over the world through Egypt for more than 30 years. Thanks to my knowledge of the area and my extensive network, we can offer travel programs that you will not find elsewhere.

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