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Discover Zakynthos from the inside

Zakynthos, or Zante, as the English say, is one of the Ionian Islands. These together form an archipelago on the west side of Greece.
In addition to Zante, these islands belong to it: Corfu, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Lefkas, Paxi. They are all beautiful green and the sea is azure blue.

I myself visited Zakynthos for the first time in August 2022. And back in October already! I was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and the friendly residents, with whom I imm
ediately felt at home. We went to do what we always do on holiday: walking, cycling and swimming and sightseeing.

My challenge

To my surprise, we saw quite a few tourists in our residence, but during our outings in nature, we hardly met anyone. While it was in the middle of the high season. Apparently, I now understand, tourists mainly go to the island for the sun and the sea and a boat trip to the 'blue caves' and the shipwreck. To get back on the plane home after a week with brown or red sunburn.

With that you really miss the island! Think of: the overwhelming nature, fantastic views, traditional village life, cultural. agricultural and religious traditions etc.

That's where the challenge started for me: 'come see and experience it', I would like to exclaim to everyone who is looking for an active trip in beautiful surroundings and good weather!

Collaboration with local experts in ecotourism

I started looking around and came into contact with an ecotourism organization, a family that operates an accommodation in the north of the island and a guide who was born and raised there and takes tourists on an individual basis to the most beautiful places, outside the beaten track; Fora Zakynthos.who also o Together we developed and offer several week tours:

  • A week-long walking holiday in spring during which you will be overwhelmed by the blooming nature with all the scents and colors that come with it.

  • A relaxing week tour during the summer, taking into account the higher temperatures

  • And a walking trip in the fall where you can see and perhaps participate in the harvesting of the grapes and olives.

  • More active trips to follow! Or ask me for tailor made tours and suggestions!

  • Do you think a whole week is a bit long? Fora also offers day trips; on foot and also by bicycle.

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