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Discover Zakynthos (Zante): much more than a sun holiday: mountains, flowers, olive groves

Our new destination!

Why Greece? I could now write an interesting story here about the centuries-long connections between Egypt and Greece (many Greeks live here, especially in northern Egypt, Alexandria).

And, of course, it can be argued that Greek civilization builds on Egyptian Pharaonic culture.


But to be honest, I fell in love with the Ionian island of Zakynthos and was surprised to find that so few of the many tourists who holiday there engage in activities other than sunbathing on the beach and taking a boat trip.

Because the whole island is beautiful! And it is my challenge to show that to everyone who goes there!

Especially by being in nature, cycling or walking, you experience Zakynthos. Or riding a horse, or swimming in one of the many bays. And of course a boat trip to the caves, to the shipwreck and turtle island should not be missed.

Letting people experience Zakynthos in that active way is the real reason for this new destination.

And who knows, in the long term there will be an expansion to other islands and combinations with cultural highlights of Greece.

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