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We can enjoy our Greek cooking workshop on Zakynthos island for a long time to come!

Updated: Jul 6

What makes our trips on Zakynthos island so special is the variety, say participants. You don't just go on a walking holiday; you do and undertake much more:

  • we get into a boat and sail past and through beautifully colored caves and see turtles swimming if we are lucky,

  • visit monasteries, where the nuns are happy to tell us about their daily lives and the beautiful decorations in their chapel

  • learning during the walks about plants and flowers that we encounter along the way, such as wild orchids (more about that in this blog)

  • enjoy the beautiful views

  • if you want you can take a dip in the sea,

  • and we learn to cook Greek dishes during a cooking workshop!

Months later, back home, we organized our own 'Greek night' with a number of participants, where we all brought a dish that we had learned to prepare during the workshop.

Although we skipped the sirtaki dancing and plate smashing, it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed our cooking results.

My tzatziki was very well liked by the others, but their cooking skills far surpassed mine. There was a beautiful 'tiropita' cheesecake, a colorful 'choriatiki', Greek salad and 'keftedes', delicious meatballs in sauce ((vegetarian in our case).

Would you also like to prepare a Greek dish? Then I have a perfect tip. I discovered this Greek YouTube chef, Akis Petretzikis, who not only can tell the story in his own original way, but also explains it very clearly. Which now makes me understand what went wrong when I tried to make 'kolokithokeftedes', zucchini balls, because this is how it should be...

I improved my tzatziki because of him; now the challenge is to learn to make the best kolokithokeftedes!

Καλή όρεξη (kalí órexi; enjoy your meal!)

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