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Read the experiences of travellers who joined us:

Sudan tour

We have had a truly fantastic journey. The crew we had was great, our guide Nazar is a real winner. And the collaboration / communication with Waleed was also perfect.

Sudan is a beautiful country, the people are very friendly and hospitable and it was so special to often walk alone on a site. It was all beautiful and whole
impressive. The trip is very well built, we saw the most beautiful sites last. We also found the city tour perfect at the end, with the visit to the national museum a lot fell into place. I think this is better than at the beginning of the trip.
Furthermore, we can look back on a very nice trip and we will tell everyone that Sudan is very worthwhile!

We would like to thank you for arranging the trip and the pleasant contact we have had. It worked fine, with short lines and quick responses.

Perhaps until next time!

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