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Introduce; my name is Ellen and my passion - in addition to my regular government job - is to take people to the places that I have discovered myself and that have made me very enthusiastic.
My challenge is to put together active and varied trips in which you learn about the culture, the living habits and enjoy the natural beauty. 
Always in collaboration with local specialists, who know the best places, bring the couleur locale and can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

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My Story

For almost 20 years I have organized trips with my (ex) partner in Egypt and Sudan. Although this phase in my life ended due to circumstances, the travel organization blood crawled where it couldn't go and during a holiday on the beautiful island of Zakynthos I was inspired to shift my focus to that and started developing nature trips there. Together with a local guide with the same passion for the overwhelming nature, I have now developed and successfully carried out several hiking trips.
Do you want to follow me in my wanderlust and the products that arise from it? Let me know and you will receive my updates a few times a year!


tel. +31 681180400

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